Dumwala, future name of authentic Biryani founded by foodies. We are exploring and have also explored all kinds of biryani, but still our hunger hunting good food does not fulfil.But, Food quality is not decided only by taste, food must also be Healthy & Hygienically prepared only then it is considered good food. Fortunately after several years of research we have concluded that the maximum number of outside food is not as safe as home food, this is the harsh reality of today's trend. Biryani is the only dish that does'nt need introduction. Nutrition packed meal, all-time food for non-vegetarian lovers, Dumwala! Biryani brand has been created to provide fresh, Healthy and Hygienic Biryani for everyone.

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Fresh Spices

Freshly hand picked spices, to give the Biryani a delightful and original flavour. The use of spices has been remarkably important throughout the history of our country as many them were celebrated for their medicinal properties before use of culinary so, this makes the Biryani lot more healthier.


We use charcoal method of cooking in which the Biryani is simply awesome with the aroma coming from the coal infused flavour. Rice flavoured with freshly hand pounded spices,cooked with chicken and herbs in a sealed to pot, cooked over charcoal to give the Biryani a smoky flavour which is just simply "wow".

Pro Chef

Ingredients merely do not create good biryani, only a pro Chef who knows and can do magic with ingredients can give you appetizing biriyani. Our Dumwala's special recipe is created by "Star Rated Chef" to give you assured quality, with hygienic, mouthwatering, delicious and original Biryani.

The Bonafide Biryani

The Bonafide Biryani is only dish that doesn't need much introduction, no doubt biryani is heaven for non-veg lovers. There are many secret stories in this healthy and delicious dish since 13th century, and it is also believed that this special dish was invented for soldiers to give Multi Nutrition. later, "taste", "aroma" and "richness" of this dish was liked by many kings & kingdom they made lot of change in this dish according to their region and creativity. Kings have celebrated this Biryani by inviting other kings to enjoy this dish, because of this people are now able to enjoy different type of biryani in all different regions and each variant have its unique taste and fan following. Modern days innovative made some more changes to biryani and made it more Delicious. Biryani is word derived from Persia, meaning fried before cooked. The Original version of biryani was first cooked in clay pot with charcoal fire in slow cooking method and seal on top with dough called Dum. Selection of rice, tender meat, fresh spices in correct ratio, raw ginger and garlic, ghee, curd, lemon, mint, Elachi coriander leaves, saffron and method of cooking, pro cook, several factors like these decides biryanis quality. Biryani is not a simple dish, it is an art and king meal.Good biryani means aroma, texture color and taste. All-time meal for foodies is biryani.